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sunday morning rundown

It's Sunday and you know what that means...

Here's an adorable knit clutch. This may be all the inspiration I need to learn how to knit.


I love witches. Here a cut pin cusion that looks like a witch's cauldron.


Classically Trained in gaming. Love, Love, Love it!


It was someone's birthday and looks like he got an incredible cake. I have a feeling that my husband would fully dig this:


Bacon curls...genious.


Crafty Chica'a mixed media keychain. fab.



elevator music has never been so good

card a day [ten minutes to spare]

Sticking with the "Greetings" theme. "yo"

Used bubble gum pink puff paint and jumbo red glitter on a blue card stock.


card a day

Lenten Meals: Sizzled Salmon and Poached Egg Salad

I am kinda sick of Tuna Helper. I've decided to be creative on Friday this Lenten season and create meals for me that will help me be full and not burn in hell.

Sizzled Salmon & Poached Egg Salad [serves one]

.5 lb salmon [cut into 3 fillets that cook up quick]
1 egg
Package salad
Salad dressing of your choice
Sesame Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
salt Pepper

1. Heat up about 2 inches of water in a suace pan or small skillet for eggs. Bring up to a healthy bubbling.

2. Coat salmon fillets with sesame oil and salt and pepper.

3. Heat up another skillet with a bit of oil. wait until oil starts smoking and gently place salmon seasoned side down for 2 minutes. Don't touch it!
This will allow for the salmon to get a nice crispy crust. mmmm.

4. Crack the egg and put into a coffee mug or a small ramikin. Place the mug or ramikin with the egg inside of it in the boiling water for 2 minutes. While that is going on, add Balsamic vinegar to the water.

5. Flip the salmon and cook for another two minutes.

6. Carefully pour the egg into the balsamic water and keep an eye on it.

7. Meanwhile, put salad mix into a bowl and add any salady do-dads to spice it up. I like to add sprouts, mushrooms and roasted red bell peppers.

8. Take out fillets and place on top of greens. Next take out poached egg and place on top of that. Srizzle witha some dressing and enjoy this heavenly meal!



a sad, sad day...


Notification of Polaroid Instant Film Availability
Due to marketplace conditions, Polaroid has discontinued almost all of its instant analog hardware products. Polaroid has also made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing of instant film products in 2008 ....

Please know that we will continue to place notification stickers on all commercial films being discontinued. We will also continue to post updates on our website regarding the status of certain products.

We are committed to providing customer service for all of our products. Customers seeking further information should call customer service at 800-225-1618 or visit our website, www.polaroid.com.

We hope that you will continue to choose Polaroid products, as we take instant imaging into the digital platform with exciting new products being launched this year.

We appreciate your commitment to Polaroid products and apologize for any inconvenience that the discontinuation of certain Polaroid products may cause

*Projected Availability subject to change depending upon demand. Date of Expiration is based on the last date of manufacturing which varies by product. As the Projected Availability Date approaches, the closer we are to the Date of Expiration.


sunday morning rundown

It's sunday morning and it's time to take it easy. Well until I have to lesson plan anyway. I try to take the time for a cup a coffee and sift through craft blogs for inspiration.

Here are some projects of note:

1. A very cool Journal from Craft Zombie:

2. A Crayon scarf. I wish it was consistantly colder here in Tucson.


3. Wedding quilt by glitter goods. Modern take on a classic.


4. Button cards from Handmade by Jill. I need to use up random buttons [purrrfect]


5. & of course, a little something from The Craft Chica



Rock God Quotes

Here's a fun project if you want to pay homage to the rock gods.
raw wood plaque [unfinished]
2 contrasting shades of craft paint
Black Sharpie
Glue gun
embellishments [glitter rules.]
1. Paint your plaque 2 differents shades for rocker coolness. I don't go too overboard with this. Tou don't want it to look like it's for a clown house.

2. After paint dries, choose a rockin' quote to write on your plaque. This is done with the sharpie. You've got one shot at this so practice before you commit to writing on your plaque

3. Now for the fun. Glue your random embellishment with a glue gun.

desktop jewel muffin

Here's an interesting and cutie-pa-tu-tee way to hold your paperclips.

Small fat cardborad box from a craft supply store
Gold glitter glue for a glue gun
glue gun (mine is designated for glitter glue)
plastic jewels of different shapes and sizes. Mix bags work well here
bold craft paint (I dig blue)

Paint box base inside out and let dry. Have jewels ready to rock and rock, the glue will set fast after touching air. Work in small parts, shimmy the glitter glue from the gun onto the side of the lid to start. After about an inch or so, arange your jewels. Keep moving until side of lid is done.
Work on the top of lid using the same technique. Keep rocking and rolling until lid is completely bejeweled and lovely. Don't be afraid, the glue stings for just a bit if you accedently touch it! Viola! A jeweled muffin perfect for those pesky paperclips.

glitter, glue and guts

Welcome to my craft blog! This is a space for creativity to the max. not for the shakey, I transend borders and tend not to follow directions very well. It's a hot hit or miss world for me so if you're up for it, join me for the ride. bring the embellishments and the beer and let's get crafting!



Here are some early creations. I'm a big fan of jump hoops, shells, and random flea market beads. Fortunately, I have combined these elements for a inscribed mystery of coolness.


wood gypsy

Gotta love her.