Lenten Meals: Sizzled Salmon and Poached Egg Salad

I am kinda sick of Tuna Helper. I've decided to be creative on Friday this Lenten season and create meals for me that will help me be full and not burn in hell.

Sizzled Salmon & Poached Egg Salad [serves one]

.5 lb salmon [cut into 3 fillets that cook up quick]
1 egg
Package salad
Salad dressing of your choice
Sesame Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
salt Pepper

1. Heat up about 2 inches of water in a suace pan or small skillet for eggs. Bring up to a healthy bubbling.

2. Coat salmon fillets with sesame oil and salt and pepper.

3. Heat up another skillet with a bit of oil. wait until oil starts smoking and gently place salmon seasoned side down for 2 minutes. Don't touch it!
This will allow for the salmon to get a nice crispy crust. mmmm.

4. Crack the egg and put into a coffee mug or a small ramikin. Place the mug or ramikin with the egg inside of it in the boiling water for 2 minutes. While that is going on, add Balsamic vinegar to the water.

5. Flip the salmon and cook for another two minutes.

6. Carefully pour the egg into the balsamic water and keep an eye on it.

7. Meanwhile, put salad mix into a bowl and add any salady do-dads to spice it up. I like to add sprouts, mushrooms and roasted red bell peppers.

8. Take out fillets and place on top of greens. Next take out poached egg and place on top of that. Srizzle witha some dressing and enjoy this heavenly meal!